Minimalism and exclusive design, it’s much more than just good looks. Together with partners we co-create items according to the client’s need for a more beautiful and comfortable living. For many years we have been studying the trends of minimalism design.

In life, we appreciate a straight path, and so as in design, we are inspired by straight lines.

Therefore, the name IRON LINE has emerged into the light.

Durability – two words “High quality” and “Cheap” never match together. It takes a lot of effort, from working with quality materials to giving a part of mine for projects that produce high quality items that will serve for many years. We save the environment and its resources by purchasing sustainable items and therefore, it’s much less common to replace them because of their longevity.

IRON LINE works in cooperation with partners, who share the same values. During production we select high quality materials and pay extra attention to details, structure and design.

Our goal is to produce items that will serve for 100 years (or even more), and we create them to serve well even for your future generations.

If you have a sense of taste in fashion, then you’re more than welcome to our workshop!

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I, Darius Bacevičius, came from a small town in Samogitia, Lithuania. Since childhood, I was familiar with welding and construction work. I had a wonderful person to look up to – my Father. I used to watch him building and welding all kinds of domestic items, agricultural tools and machinery.

Once I heard a saying: “I’m not that rich, that I could afford to buy cheap things…”, but I couldn’t quite understand the meaning of it when I was young. As the years went by, I became disappointed in the quality of many services and products.

After all these experiences, these words sparkled in my mind with golden letters: GREAT AND CHEAP DON’T COME BY.

In the beginning, I produced home furniture for my family needs. While enjoying the results of my handmade creations I turned this activity into a small family business, where everything is being created with care and love.

Therefore, I know how to make the iron serve to people.

Started from small humble projects to now being able to produce high quality, artistic level items, to amaze clients with new products and ideas.